31 August 2009

tea pillow

There are several things one can do with used tea. Of course you can add it to compost, but that is hardly the best use, I think. Do you still sweep your floor with a broom? I recommend you do this occasionally. And when the dusty bits get all kicked up and fly into your nose, you can tame them by sprinkling wet used tea on the floor before you sweep. Try it.
And then you should put that used tea in the compost.
When your floor is clean, and you have more used tea, put it in a strainer somewhere hot and dry so it completely dries out. Keep doing this until you have enough to stuff a small pillow. You can mix all kinds of tea, it doesn't matter. Keep this pillow at the head of your bed. It will give you sweet grassy dreams, I am confident.

13 August 2009

What I had for tea on Wednesday

Just in case you suspected that I had fallen off the edge of the earth (I have not, I am glad to say), here is proof that not only am I still here but I am STILL DRINKING TEA... Take a gander at this simple yet satisfying teatime repast: a very fresh Ti Kuan Yin oolong (a sample from a friend, thank you Friend) and some cookies to accompany.

Now, if you can correctly guess what cookies these are (i.e., which company baked them), Trixie will give you 10% off your next order at TheTeaDrinker.com -- yes, for being able to suss out my sustenance you can save dough on your favorite teas! Go on, have a guess... it's fun.

Send your guess (one per reader; deadline August 23rd 2009) to Trixie@TheTeaDrinker.com and she'll let you know if you're right... or not. Nothing to lose, so hop to it!

Love and tea-stained kisses,