27 September 2009

New Vithanakande Estate FOP

Thank you, darling Mayumi, for sharing your eloquent suggestions for using spent tea! I hope that all of our readers are saving little piles of dried tea leaves for pillow-making and floor-cleansing. You know I am.

Autumn is sneaking in, between heat waves and fogbursts, along the Pacific Coast of northern California... and our afternoon tea tray changes to reflect the season... A lovely shipment of long-leaf New Vithanakande Estate FOP has arrived, and this tea is quite the thing to drink alongside a selection of what the English call Biscuits and we call Cookies. See the pictures... long, wiry, well-twisted leaves; bright coppery liquor with moderate tannins and medium body. A high-quality tea of excellent value, with lots of that splendid cocoa-like aroma which is a special feature of the best teas from the Ratnapura district of Sri Lanka. Simply delicious, without a hint of pretension... a fitting companion to assertive or buttery cookie flavors. To read more about this tea, please follow the link here.

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