29 October 2009

Hidden Buddhas, now visible for all to see

Thank you, Liza, for this lovely image of your new book...

More about Hidden Buddhas as soon as Trixie lets me look at it!
~ dustin (starting the day with a BIG cup of water)

28 October 2009

Our friend Liza has a new book!

Liza Dalby, human being extraordinaire, has a brand new novel called HIDDEN BUDDHAS and it has just been published this very month (October 2009) by Stone Bridge Press. Available this moment from independent bookstores, extra-terrestrial spacecraft, and, yes, even Amazon.com. Trixie can't wait for her copy to arrive so she can sit out on the deck, tea tray nearby, and read straight through it the way she always reads Liza's wonderful books. Our friend Mayumi K happens to feature prominently in this book, so check it out, will ya? Yes, you will. Excellent book club selection!

As soon as I can get a nice copy of the cover image (it is very groovy!), I'll post it here.
Lots of love and tea-stained kisses,

12 October 2009

Intercontinental Breakfast (or, Going to Japan without a Passport)

Our friend Naoko T just flew in from Tokyo (after hanging out in Bangkok for a while, which she does often, sigh, lucky lady!), and what did she bring all the way over the ocean in her handbag but some fresh new tea sweets for Trixie and me. What a gal! We couldn't wait to try them... as you can see from the progression of pictures, a fun time was had by all, and a nice little mess was made of the intriguing powdery covering on the jelly-like sweet.

O Wagashi!! How we do love thee... especially little bird-shaped, bean paste-stuffed confections and savory powder-covered, molasses-smeared chewy bean jellies... Of course we were drinking tea that Naoko also carried across the sea in her bag -- Hojicha, it was.

And here are some other nice gifts that arrived in the same direct-imported parcel:

Trixie met Naoko backstage at the Opera, and the two of them have all kinds of fun serving the folks there.

Remember to visit Trixie's website soon, and to use the coupon code DUSTIN909 during checkout to get that lovely discount... now through November 1st. Until next time... Dustin (looking in the parcel to see if any more wagashi are hiding there)

01 October 2009

New Vithanakande Estate FOP, postscript

Trixie served the lovely and alluring New Vithanakande FOP last night at the San Francisco Opera (backstage), and it was a hit! Many new musical fans of this elegant long-leaf tea. Trixie says check it out... New Vithanakande Estate FOP. Yummy. Use the discount code!!! Dustin909... remember.