21 November 2009

Colder Days mean Warmer Tea

Anyone else out there feeling a chill in the air? Trixie and I certainly are -- in fact it's our favorite topic of teatime conversation this week -- which means we are soooo happy to have lots of delicious HOT tea available whenever we want it (spoiled? I think so!). More and more hours of each day are spent next to BigBlue, Trixie's lovely 4-oven Aga, which shares some of its stored heat with our grateful selves. BigBlue also has the good manners to boil the kettle for us whenever we ask, what a gal!

To honor these shorter, cooler days, new stock of our favorite teas is arriving at TheTeaDrinker.com, and I recommend that you sail on over there now for the best selection... and to sweeten the deal, PLEASE USE COUPON CODE *friend10* (without the asterisks) for 10% off your merchandise selection. This coupon is VALID NOW THROUGH JANUARY 15TH 2010 -- that's right, all the way into mid-January, giving you plenty of time to browse and choose. Dustin says Go.

January will be HOT TEA MONTH once again (so sez the folks at the Specialty Tea Institute). We recommend that you begin practicing right away so that you can impress your friends with your swanky tea-making skill in the New Year... that's what I'm doing. I'm absolutely hopeless at flower arranging and such handiwork, so it's a good thing I know how to sling a kettle!

Some very nice people sold us a few dishes on eBay recently -- total 5-star experience!! -- in a pattern called Craigavon, by an earlier incarnation of Spode (Copelands). We only got enough of these unusually glorious pieces to have a formal sit-down with four people, but how many Best Friends does one really have anyway? We look forward to setting a late-winter table with the impeccably hand-decorated Craigavon set and posting to you ALL about it, with color pictures, real soon.

Much love, as I raise my (thankfully warm) teacup to you,
p.s. Trixie is a slow reader, and won't let me have a peek at Hidden Buddhas until she's done -- so far, the squeals of delight coming from her reading chair are quite exciting, so I'm really looking forward to MY turn.