01 March 2010

Last of the Winter Wagashi

It had to come... the day on which we would finish the handsome wagashi from Minamoto Kitchoan... and today, mes amis, is that day. They were mighty tasty, right down to the final crumb. Oribenishiki, they were called -- each one a squat pillow of dough, filled not only with smooth red bean paste but with chestnuts, too. Wow. With a light green tea (ours today from Yunnan, China, a gift from one of our many kind tea friends), this was an elegant breakfast.

Somber sidetrack: Yesterday we mentioned Trixie's sister, whose departure some years hence left a big hole in more lives than one; today we learned that the same sad caprice of Fate had come to call on the family of Marie Osmond, famous chanteuse... whatever one may think of MO's oeuvre, it is a terrible thing to lose a loved one to suicide, and we send her family our deepest condolences and thoughts of peace. At last, it seems, suicide is becoming something we can openly discuss -- this is a hopeful change. No less a megastar than Mister Daniel Radcliffe has taken the spotlight that brightly shines on himself and re-directed it to a worthy suicide-prevention organization called The Trevor Project. If you are hurting, or if you know someone who is hurting, please try to connect yourself or your friend to medical assistance (for it is an illness, and there are effective avenues of improvement available). We know that, even under the best of circumstances, suicide still happens... but we shan't quit trying to help.

And so we come to March! Not the kind that entails putting one foot loudly in front of the other, ad infinitum, but the kind that has 31 days and follows right on the heels of short-sheeted February. In the days to come we shall have many nice things to describe and celebrate, among them Trixie's birthday (hold your horses, it's not here yet). One sneak-let of a peek-let I can divulge is that a couple of spiffy new designs for teacup carriers are in the works 'round here... please stay tuned.

Onward, March... with all my best tea-leaf-green wishes,