28 April 2010

Animal Wednesday again!

Wouldn't it be nice, thought I, to show you a picture of a tea-related animal for today's Wednesday critter post? Yessssssss... if you look very closely you will see a kitty-cat drinking milk, that's right, s/he's there on the teapot lid... Meow!

This image comes to you hot off the web from the good folks at Replacements.com, where they have even more pretty plates than Trixie does (can this be possible?). The teapot is one of many designed by Paul Cardew of England, and for a Cardew I must say it is one of the simpler teapots (this is a compliment).

If you like that one, check out this teapot for Aga lovers (you know who you are)...

If you buy one, buy it from Aga Thyme in Charlotte, NC. -- they'll treat you right. This teapot resembles Trixie's Aga very much, except she doesn't ever leave it with the lids up... and hers is dark blue... and she hangs her towels neatly from the rail...

Thanks to all of you gorgeous tea patrons who have been taking advantage of the MayDay coupon offer at the webstore -- keep it up! Some popular teas have already sold out, but perhaps your favorite is still available, and at such a discount! Not to be believed (despite being real). Good time to re-stock your tea cabinet.

Blowing you a tea-stained kiss as I go help Trixie with the continuing packing (I did mention the wealth of dishes?),
xo, Dustin

21 April 2010

Our First *Animal Wednesday* Post

Today we join the swelling ranks of bloggers who post critter commentary on what has come to be known as Animal Wednesday... As you can see, we met some animals who felt like showing off a little, including one very cute lady-beetle (spotted, therefore male, or so I have been instructed by bug people) in the ecstatic wisteria, and one totally-runs-things-around-here feline by the name of Mister California Avocado. So there they are.

In other news, the coupon code MAYDAY is attracting healthy interest, and I encourage you to climb on the bandwagon and use it on Trixie's website before all of the tea is gone. Enter the code MAYDAY (can be lowercase) where directed during the checkout process or -- this is a new thing! -- as you use the Floating Cart feature on the site (oh it's really zippy, check it out). A sort of play-as-you-go feature... very interactive, very amusing.

Sending tea-stained kisses to all of the Animal Wednesday scribblers, and to all of you lovely tea drinkers too,
xo, Dustin

16 April 2010

C'mon Get Happy

Yes, you got that right, it's time to Get Happy! Spring is here, at least for today (rain may or may not be back on the way), so let's run outside and play in the grass... or something. Yippee!! I'm going to be glad, anyway, and if you want to join me, I'm pleased to have you along.

Trix has been pensive and packing lately -- Life sending us one of its occasional wrapped presents of mischief on the home front -- and sometimes I help her (when I am not dawdling or making the tea). She just called over to remind me to tell y'all that she is running a special promotion on the website, and it's for you and all of your favorite people, so please enjoy the latest discount offer, with our blessings and thanks... TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT OFF ALL MERCHANDISE from this moment until May 10th. Use coupon code MAYDAY (lower case OK) during checkout. All in-stock merchandise can be yours for 25% off regular prices. Shop early and often, as the saying goes.

I think I'll give the gal a hand, she could use it. Greetings and best tea-stained wishes from the western edge of the New World,
xo, Dustin