16 September 2010

Will She or Won't She? (a Thoughtful Thursday post)

Will Trixie make one more Aga-baked creation before the beloved stove is dismantled? Stay tuned... Also watch for Trix's new logo for The Tea Drinker... How she finds time to do such things in the middle of packing up the entire farmlet is anyone's guess, but there it is. I have been little help with the packing-up component (then again, I have kept the reporters at bay, no mean feat). Our neighbors have been more than superb!

The drinking of tea, despite everything, continues -- which is just as it should be.

So much to think about, so much to look forward to (Trixie chimes in: So many boxes to pack).

Blessings and tea, y'all.
xo, ever yrs, Dustin

p.s. There's ANOTHER baby dove!!! So cute! Pix soon.