07 December 2010

The Sun Came Out Today

Darn tootin', the sun came out today, hooray, so I felt like sharing a bright sunny picture with all of you, to aid your Holiday preparations and also -- MOST importantly! -- to remind you to get up off your set-upon and make yourself a tremendously invigorating, warming vessel of tea. Get up! Make tea!

Of course you're supposed to drink it... That's better...

{warning: seasonal sentiment follows} It's beginning to look like -- I'll say it -- FESTIVUS!!

Big (but friendly) changes afoot at Trixie's web-home... thanks to our beloved clients and friends for patience, fortitude, all that good stuff as we bump and scuffle our way forward. Let's hear it for 2011-- we can hardly wait to get there.

Note to Dish People: this pattern is Minton(s) Ivanhoe, from early 20thC England (go Stoke!!). Delicate hand-painted flora and swaggery on surprisingly sturdy bone china base. Mustard trim. Totally fun to use, but please do not put in mechanical dishwashers thank you very much. Find yours on {insert name of behemoth shopping/auction site here} or perhaps at {insert name of huge dish clearinghouse here}. Looks amazingly beautiful with other Minton(s) patterns such as the understated mid-20thC Kent and the spectacular Copeland/Spode Craigavon. Golly. So versatile.

Lashings of tea-stained luv, etc, and may you receive something  BETTER than you wish for this year...
Dustin & his pal Trixie

p.s. It is not a ghost that you see reflected in the teacup... it is a reflection of your inner tea drinker!!