11 December 2011

Luck of the Draw

Some time back, we found an absolutely beautiful large creamer or small sauce boat (you get to decide which it is... we use it for cream, sauce, even the occasional posy!), all hand painted with bouquets of flowers along the red-orange-purple continuum. To spare you scrolling through the archives, a picture of the bulbous beauty can be seen at the bottom of this post. Why mention it today? Because we have been very, very lucky and stumbled over a cup and saucer set in the very same pattern -- the name of which we have yet to ascertain -- whose images you can see splashed along the left side of these words.

These handsome pieces were made by Grosvenor, at that time part of Jackson & Gosling Ltd, in the middle of the 20th Century for a company called Sheraton Designs. The cup size is generous, with a wide-open bowl and an elegant tall foot. The saucer curves upward, suggesting old-fashioned saucers, which were bowl-like and used for actually drinking tea from, rather than just being supports for the cups. Although painted with fine brushes and ringed with delicate images, these are sturdy pieces that we are confident to hold and use.

If you recall when we told you about our Grosvenor-Copeland(s) "Craigavon" set (about a hundred-thousand years ago), it may mean something when we say that these are the exact same shapes -- same potteries, same molds, same delicacy and accuracy of decorating skill... definitely swoon-worthy.

Prices vary widely around the vintage marketplace for Grosvenor/Sheraton/Copeland(s) items, as some vendors know they are the best quality and charge accordingly, while others don't seem to recognize the names and underprice to our advantage. The avid teaware hunter with the luck of the draw is amply rewarded!

We shall certainly let you know when we finally find out the name of this pattern and Sheraton Designs itself... in the meanwhile you can find us drinking tea, pouring sauce, looking at posies, and otherwise entertaining ourselves in the company of these pretty pieces.
May your Festivus celebrations continue with joy and abandon! Blowing you tea-stained kisses {Trixie adding her enthusiastic wave from behind my shoulder},
xo, Dustin

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  1. I think I lost my comment; so back again I come. Love, love the colors in your lovely little pouring pot and cup/saucer. I like using the creamers sometimes for small pots of tea. Enjoy!