23 January 2011

Welcome New Followers!

How cool is that? We have new followers -- WELCOME! Post some comments so we can know you a bit, OK? Thank you.

Guess it's time to get back in the tea-stained saddle and post again, especially with all of these lovely followers watching... Thankfully the cold snap has snapped, our fingers have thawed, and we are back to hoisting cups of delish tea at every opportunity, all of which motivates us to wax prosaic on tea in all its glory.

One of our favorite topics is the making of tea in large quantity for gatherings -- wanna hear about that? A couple of "yes" comments will get you the how-to and list of recommended teas and equipment... I thought I already went on and ON about this, but a check thru the blog archive proved me incorrect. Spring will soon be here (I know that is hard for all of the frozen people in northern climes to believe) and that means tea parties, so you might want to learn about making it successfully for a crowd -- makes tea-party-giving sooooo much easier, and it's simple, affordable, and you will say to yourself: why the dickens didn't I do it like this always? Yeah you will.

As for the contents of the cups of tea we are hoisting in this new year (HAPPY NEW YEAR!!), Trixie's Traileur Blend is one of our current regulars -- an amalgamation of leaves left over from luscious lots of tea; when it was time to pack up the house for traileur living, Trix made this "floor" blend (I can assure you these leaves NEVER touched any floors, at least none that we know of). I highly recommend making a trailer/floor blend of your own whenever the tea stash becomes too big for its britches (or the tea cupboard door bursts, whichever happens first) -- green, white, oolong, black -- toss them all together gently and there you are. Absolutely NO science involved. Comes out great. Please tell us about your own blends! Of course you need to start with very good tea -- blending won't improve rotten tea (sorry, but it won't).

Trix reminds me to mention that we recently moved from our former online store location to TheTeaDrinker.com hosted by the helpful Canadians of Shopify. So far, so good, and we hope to be there for a while... same address, but with a new look and a new collection of Stuff. Give us a couple of months to unpack the new products (cheers!). Gonna be really totally fun (like, fer shure -- and we ARE from SoCal so we can say this with the proper accents, despite living in NorCal for way longer).

With Trixie waving enthusiastically next to me,
all our love, Dustin
p.s. Special shout-out-hey-howdy to Caren, Eve, Rainy, Marilyn, and H H-B!! xo