19 November 2011

Dustin comes home and plays with the computer again

Hi kids, how I have missed you! While Trixie has been entertaining you on Facebook and such, I have been traveling the globe in my capacity as Tea Maven to the Stars... and while I cannot divulge exactly which stars to whom I have been mavening, rest assured that your faithful Dustin has indeed been well and truly star-struck at times (never spilling one single drop of tea, however).

Always glad to be back with you, though, and thank you for being here! Gosh. Today Trix is letting me play with the design tools on the computer again -- something she knows that I need to practice if I am to take my mavening to the next level. Today's play includes pictures of our pretty dishes and fabrics (big surprise!), because we agreed, T-gal and I, that if one is going to learn new things, one ought to ease into it by working with familiar touchstones... or something. Ain't we lucky that we can count pieces of hand-painted Spode and Royal Stafford among our "familiars"?! Yes, I think so too.

These images are the first in a set I call "The Darjeeling Limited," so named in a nod to a film I like very much, and, of course, to the tea it invokes. Sort of a Raj-tastic theme going on... Ooh-La-Raj! More to come. Okay.

Blowing you such a backlog of tea-stained kisses on this blustery November day,
xoxo, Dustin