27 October 2012

Control Your Fingers

A lovely, clear, and correct description of the differences between (and similarities among) Afternoon Tea, High Tea, and everything in between...

We particularly admire the section called "Control Your Fingers," which advocates (as we so strongly do!) the Pinkies-Down Principle. Scroll down the image, and find it about two-thirds of the way down, in the right-hand column.

The history and customs of high tea
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Glorious! We're enjoying this beautiful graphic, presented by Confused.com for our edification, with a big, fat pot of tea and a pile of biccies. Because we can. We hope that you can, too.

With all of my tea-stained love and a big wave from Trixie,
xo, Dustin


  1. On the no doggie bag note, the Berkeley Hotel will send you off with a lovely purse-shaped leftover tote. Given how much of a splurge it is to have tea there, and how yummy it was, I felt no guilt over taking some away with me!

    I really enjoyed the graphic.

  2. I really enjoyed the graphic, but I agree with Beth: nothing wrong with a doggie bag for afternoon tea leftovers at even the poshest establishments.

  3. Love this tea inforgraphic! Thank you for sharing :)