advertising is fun again!
At The Tea Drinker Magazine, we believe that “advertising” is not a dirty word... indeed, ads provide our readers with sources of important information about goods and services available throughout the world... YOUR goods and services. We would like to help you get the word about your wonderful offerings out to our readers in a stylish and friendly way... for a truly win-win-win experience!

To get our Launch Party started, we offer FREE 3” x 3” display ad space in our Premiere Issue -- that’s right: FREE. Our magazine is published online, which means your ad can contain an ACTIVE WEB LINK to your own website, Facebook page, Etsy or Yahoo! or Shopify or other web store, or to another online destination for your business. This FREE ad space is on offer NOW THROUGH 15 SEPTEMBER 2012 only, so please contact us today! We will be happy to send you the specs and details by email. Simple! Beautiful! FREE!! We ain’t kidding.

If you miss the Launch Party, do not fret -- for our rates will remain ridiculously low for ads placed through Spring 2013 (aren’t we swell?)... and here’s a look at some of the options:
rates for ads placed between 16 september 2012 and 15 jan 2013, to run in our february 2013 issue:
3” x 3” ad with link... 20.
6” x 3” ad (horizontal or vertical) with one link... 35. ... with two links... 40.
horizontal footer ad, approx. 1.5” x 8” with one link... 35. ... with two links... 40.
half-page horizontal or vertical ad with one link... 50. ... with two links... 60.
full-page with one link... 100. ... with two links... 120. ... with three or more links {inquire}

300ppi JPEG file or high-quality PDF file (X1-A standard; all fonts embedded)
Need help preparing an ad? Sure, we can do that! For the Premiere Issue, we will assist at NO CHARGE -- see, the FREE ads really are FREE!

how will we promote our magazine?
We thought you might be wondering how our message -- therefore your message -- will be spread throughout the tea-stained universe: Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Blogger (Google); emails with permissions... and, and, and... and good, old-fashioned word of mouth. Oh, and we are placing ads in other publications! Sure thing. It’s so much fun!

Questions? 707-829-2880... Trixie {at} we also accept messages delivered by carrier pigeon.

this information is current as of 28 aug 2012. thank you.

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