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We’re talking about editorial contributions (though if you really want to contribute money to the making of a beautiful tea-related magazine, we will smile hugely and say Thank You, and possibly even accept)... Here is information for those who would like to share their words or images (or both!) via The Tea Drinker weblog and publications:

We are always looking for honest, well-written prose on topics of interest to tea drinkers (which may contain actual mentions of tea, or not, as the author chooses) including travelogues, food-related features, vintage or modern teaware collections, philosophical ruminations that somehow factor in tea; original poetry; illustrations which can be reproduced clearly for online viewing including photographs, drawings, paintings; or photographs of handcrafted items (static images only at this time -- no video or audio just yet). So please pitch your stories and works of art, and we’ll tell you pretty quick, and nicely, if your work is going to be a good fit for the mag (or not).

We have a lively attitude and a pretty good sense of humor here at The Tea Drinker, and we like to learn about a wide variety of topics, views, opinions, and ideas. If you are easily offended by points of view that are not your own, please find another publication in which to showcase your work.

We do not condone, nor will we publish, any work that denigrates, demeans, insults, or otherwise maligns any person(s) or group(s) including national, political, religious, ethnic, gender identity, class, or other identifiable classification made for the purpose of pointing fingers and calling names... no matter how many big words you use nor how well you punctuate. There, we said it. For everyone left still standing: bring it on, and we can’t wait to see your work!

Please note that the intended audience for The Tea Drinker weblog and publications is English-speaking adults; at this time we publish in English only, and neither gear stories toward, nor censor on behalf of, minors. That being said, we will not publish any material which we feel is pornographic or which depicts the objectification of animals, human or otherwise... we’re just trying to share great literary and illustrative work to enjoy while drinking tea!

what you receive
When your work is published on The Tea Drinker weblog or in one of our forthcoming publications, you retain copyright but allow us to include your work “by permission," and allow us to maintain the work within that issue when it is archived after original publication. In exchange for this, your work appears in a stylish online “venue” that is being actively promoted both online and offline, high and low, far and wide. Your work will be seen and enjoyed by like-minded tea fanciers and other thoughtful people, and will appear alongside work by other clever and creative people from around the world. Groovy!

please note
We may edit written work, with the author’s prior permission, for length and clarity. If your work is seasonal in nature, please allow several months’ lead time so that the editing process can be completed well before the editorial deadline for the intended issue. For query and file submission details, please contact us before sending in work: 707-829-2880... Trixie {at} TheTeaDrinker.com... www.Facebook.com/TheTeaDrinker (please post a private message).
Thank you.
Trixie of The Tea Drinker

updated 08 December 2012.

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