Trixie, Dustin, and Friends

Ann Rosenfeld (Trixie) and T. Dustin Fannings (Dustin) of are old friends -- almost like twins, really -- who pool their talents and interests to create this weblog. In earlier years they worked together at Teahouse Magazine, where Trixie was Editrix-Publisher and Dustin wrote a pithy advice column called Spouting Off. The magazine bug never left them, and in this weblog they bring their enthusiasm for tea, opera, photography, cooking and crafts, collecting, and critters to bear in a way that they hope with charm and surprise you.

For those who have asked: world-famous tea raconteur James Norwood Pratt bestowed the moniker Trixie on Ann; you can call her Trixie or Trix (she likes them both). Dustin's actual first name is Theodor, but he feels it is too formal, preferring Dustin all by itself, if you please.

The authors of this weblog hope that you will add your comments and share your feelings as you explore their corner of the tea-stained world, and they send you admiration, respect, and wishes of joy from the northern California coast to wherever you happen to be right now. Those so inclined are also encouraged to enliven the ongoing Facebook discussion here.

Friends! Yes, aren't friends the best?! One of the friends who chimes in here occasionally is Mayumi Kiyowara, an important character in the extraordinary novel Hidden Buddhas who is also a craft enthusiast.

Thank you for spending time with Trixie, Dustin, and their friends at