Here We Come!

Settling into our new home at last… firing up the oven to make both tea and cakes…. turning our attention lovingly toward YOU and to our words and pictures for (live right here and now) and for the NEW (going live in Feb 2019)… thanks for being here.

The aforementioned oven is not our beloved BigBlue Aga — not yet. We are told that, with extra under-floor supports, she probably can be installed here! Isn’t that spiffy? In the meanwhile, we bake in a late-20thC standard gas stove, happy to have a stove at all (!!), and stare into the blue glow of our electric kettle several times each day. This is Living.

Grateful, impatient, and in need of storage furniture for the many tea sets we managed to collect during our nomadic year-plus (oh they are SO pretty!)… we salute you!
Much love,
Trixie & Dustin & All Them Cats
Pinkiesdown Park, Northern California

PS — we are working on a 2020 wall calendar, with coordinating cards, magnets, and more. Whee!

Watch this space

Welcome to the Spring 2017 NEW HOME of -- The Tea Drinker online.
Please watch this space.